You’re More Beautiful Than Your Selfies


You hear all of these drastic stories of people spending hours on end perfecting this self imposed picture. You hold the camera at the right angle so you don’t have 30 chins. You make sure you’re in the right sunlight so your nose’s shadow doesn’t catch half your face. And you do the fake smile so crows feet can never form.

I’m guilty of it. I think we almost all are….maybe not the hours on end part, but the addiction of getting that perfect photo is something that we have grown into and can’t shake. I think of the times

I take photos using my front camera with friends. And when I click the button and pull up the moment in time that I just captured….I look at myself. Was my smile ok? Were my eyes half closed? Probably. But I don’t look at the other person in the picture until they something self deprecating about it. “No. I don’t like that one. I look so ugly”

Then, and only then, I look at them. But, I never see the ugliness that they say they see. I see my friend. I see my beautiful friend. I see the guys and girls who I love with my whole heart. But, usually when the picture is perfectly posed…I can see their fake smile.

I can tell when a smile is genuine because I know them. I know when we laugh for hours on end and make jokes and embarrass ourselves. I see those smiles. Those are the most beautiful smiles, wrinkles and all.

Fake smiles and perfect lighting may make for a wrinkle and shadow free picture….but when I scroll through Instagram or Facebook and I see all of these “perfectly posed” pictures, I see these young people. For who they are. I see them for the wrinkles that form when we laugh and the 30 chins that instinctively form when funny faces are shot across the room.   That’s what makes a picture beautiful, the person in the picture!

So, I just want to say to all women out there, you’re more beautiful than the a picture could ever explain.

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