What They Don’t Tell You About Graduating


It’s officially been a week since I walked across the stage and they said my name. I walked forward, shook the hand of the provost and took my diploma on the road down for the rest of my life.

Graduation! It’s a happy joyous time filled with fun new exciting adventures and full time careers.

But let me tell you a secret that NO ONE tells you about graduating. There is anxiety about needing to get homework done. In talking with friends and family if I’m just weird or if they experience it too, I found out that to some degree, they all experience some kind of discomfort in finishing out a season of life that has been purely work based.

It’s not a commentary on our grades, our commitment, or even our readiness to be done with school work. But it is the breaking of normalcy after 16 years of conditioning. Any habit that is immediately broken after a 16 year streak is bound to have some adverse affects and uncomfortable anxiety associated with it.

This isn’t even beginning to talk about the stresses of getting a job, an apartment and solidifying yourself into adulthood, that is a whole other conversation! This is purely on the reverb of late work, essays and speeches hitting in a slew of discomfort the weeks post-grad.

So to all of those post-grad and soon to be’s, remember this; it will pass, take time to relax and debrief, and use that energy into something productive. Keying in all that busyness mindset into something that you truly enjoy allows you to make negative energy and push it to positive. Move yourself forward in a positive direction and don’t let the anxiety of that post-grad life affect the new found freedom and brand new chapter of your life.

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