What Makes Places Special?

What Makes Places Special?

When traveling abroad I look at the beauty. I look at the ancient buildings. I look at the stories that echo off the walls of the ancient structures. Sitting watching people pass by I realized. It’s not the location. It’s not the buildings. It’s not the food. It’s the people. It’s the people that make places so enticing.

I sat here with this view. Staring at runners, couples, dog walkers, fishermen. All taking in different accents. Different languages. About various things in life. I think about what has made Galway so special to my heart. Yeah the culture was cool. Yes the chocolate was More than enough to keep me here. But what made it a place to fall in love with. The people made it special. The people made it enticing. The old building were cool but it was the stories that people made in them and about them that gives those old stones a story worth telling.

It’s an enlightening experience when you are able to see people not just as people who walk too slow or things that communicate in words you can’t quite comprehend; but you are able to see them as people. People as people. What a concept! But have you really looked. Have you really just sat back and looked at people as they stroll by what their story is. How did they get here? what circumstances surrounding their life allowed them to be in this place. Giving these old stone walls a unique story.

I think once we are able to see people as people. We see a bit of Gods heart. We are able to see the uniqueness that God has formed all of creation in. We are able to see stories and hearts of these children of God. When we see people as people.

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