What Changing Your Facebook Picture DOESN’T Do


Paris was an atrocity.

I know. My heart breaks into a thousand pieces every time there is a new headline listing that someone else had died or the first hand testimony of someone who was there. It is heartbreaking.

I see what is happening in Syria. My heart shatters even more (I didn’t know that was possible). You do know that has been going on for years?!? But it’s becoming so terrible that it’s now getting some resounding coverage by the media. People are calling for all sorts of change.

Change of political status- posting to Facebook won’t do that

Changing of the allowance of refugees- posting to Facebook also will not do that.

Even a change of media coverage- Media coverage is ignited by the demand of the audience. What are we demanding? We demanded Paris, so we got it.

I scroll through my Facebook and I see people’s Facebook picture tinted to a familiar Blue, White and Red flag showing solidarity.

However it is truly fascinating that something that we are standing in solidarity over is creating such a split, even with in Christian cultures, where we are supposed to be one in Christ. But no, we stick to our hearts. We stick to our stubbornness. We stick to our interpretation of our worldview.

Are we willing to give up our strict opinions and surrender our favorite political view, to God. When God commanded, leave it all behind and follow me, he means EVERYTHING.

Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.” -Matthew 16:24

When I was in Ireland, I remember the Pastor praying one morning, “God help us completely surrender ourselves to you, even if that means we surrender our favorite theology.” I’m not saying we waiver on Truth. I do believe that there is absolute Truth found in Christ.

But where topics aren’t directly communicated in scripture (like, should the U.S.A. allow refugees into its borders?) that opens the door for delving into the interpretation of scripture. And what has hundreds of years of Church history taught us? That interpretations differ.

I see the divisiveness that is pouring over the current state of the world. I think I know what I believe. I’ve made that decision after a ton of prayer and reflection about my core beliefs. I would encourage my friends to do the same. But at the same time, passively aggressively posting things on Facebook to convey a point only does one thing; it combs through your “friends” to see which ones agree with you, and which ones have the audacity to publicly disagree with you.

How is this glorifying God? REALLY, how?

It lets the world know that you’ve done some soul searching and this is where God has lead you to rest. Or it gives you the platform to share your favorite verse that backs  up why YOU’RE correct. Either way, a public platform in which raw conversation CANNOT take place- is not the place to constitute this discussion.

Changing your Facebook picture does not incite change. It just lets the world know where you stand and that you have a very strong opinion about what should or shouldn’t be done.

Instead of ranting on Facebook and other social media, redirect your efforts into emails and letters to key change makers in our communities. Sit down with Pastors and have conversations with them. Write letters to legislators explaining your position. THAT is what is going to incite change.

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