Self-Shaming Basics

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Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Uggs. Diet Coke. Selfies. Sororities. Yoga Pants.

Did you know that the slang for “Basic” is now in the dictionary? It reads:
“a person, especially a female, who is boringly predictable or unoriginal.”

I don’t like that definition. I don’t like that at all.

The type of self-deprecation that comes with calling yourself basic, is really astounding. I’ve talked to some friends who describe themselves as “accepting themselves as ‘basic’”. I want to point them to this definition. Do they really see themselves as boringly predictable and unoriginal? Or are they trying to beat society to the punch by claiming that stereotype for themselves so they can’t be embarrassed when culture puts it on them?

Where is this claim to shame coming from? The things I listed above aren’t necessarily boring or predictable. They’re indulgent and self-gratifying.

Are calling indulgence and consumerism by the name of ‘basic’ now?

If that is the case, then why are we, as women, proudly claiming this as an identity? Or rather, why are we throwing this identity onto other women?

To add a bigger insult onto this shame based name calling, we are throwing out derogatory terms such as b**** onto the end of this stereotype. Basic b****. Really ladies? Is this the term we are so willing to put on ourselves and each other? C’mon. I know we can do better.

When did creativity something to be stifled? Are we too fearful in creating creative chaos into the already chaotic world? Or are we fearful of delving deeper into the uniqueness that we are made in trepidation of knowing what we will find. Instead we squish ourselves into this cookie cutter mold that the world has created and that we put ourselves into. We accept these degrading titles. We allow ourselves to be titled and our individuality to be suppressed.

We are striving to become more accepting of the uniqueness that God is putting in our character not shoving ourselves into a mold and degrading titles. I believe every person is unique. Totally and completely unique in their being.

When you’re calling yourself basic, you are calling yourself unoriginal. stereotypical. Let me tell you this to all those who proudly wear the badge of basic;
You are not a stereotype. You are original. You are unique. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are the furthest thing from basic. You are one and only. You are an individual. You are different in the best sense!

We all are and that’s what makes each individual special.

You’re not basic. You are freaking amazing!

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  1. Living in such a photo driven world of social media it is sooooo easy to fall into the “I’m just basic” category! Thank you for making such a statement in saying NO to that stereotype! Loved this post! Sooo inspiring to go create without judgment of being shoved in a basic box as a basic B… who even came up with that term… RUDE!
    xoxo Kate of Sam and Kate Design

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