Inspiration and Perspiration


I love my job. I mean it’s the dream for me. I get to do faith based writing that is published for thousands of people to read. And I get paid for it. It can be arduous and a little constricting in writing on behalf of a voice (i.e. my school) but that’s why I have other mediums in which I publish (i.e. my blog).

I get to write things to inspire, hopefully. I get to write about Jesus. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me. However any writer, student or blogger who has ever written in bulk knows that writers block is a reality.

Writers block comes from burn out and lack of passion for a subject makes that burn out come quicker more times than others. Luckily, I am writing about Jesus which I am very passionate about but when you have the same “framework” to write in, it can get a little lackluster. My words seem repetitive and finding creative ways to say “audience” every week is exhausting my thesaurus words. The inspiration lacks sometimes on my day to day.  Sometimes I annoy my co-workers by asking thousands of questions about their opinion on a certain subject just to stir up some new perspective in my brain (not to do the work for me). *shout out to Alysha, Erin, and Kaity!

As writers we need inspiration to fuel our fire. We need passions, we need creativity, we need inspiration. Being in Ireland there is inspiration all around me. The old stone work on the buildings whisper stories to me every day. The stories I hear, the faces I see and the things found in nature gives me hope for passion filled writing. The inspiration is there. But where is the work? I find myself exhausted from full days of this internship and not really wanting to spend any more time on the computer. I want to go out and sit by the Claddagh with a hot coffee and people watch!

In both these situation inspiration and perspiration is favored and one is lacking. So how do we find a happy medium of enjoying our life full of inspiration but allowing ourselves the time for hard work.

1) Schedule Time for Each
Now, this might seem a little counter-intuitive to the inspiration/ on a whim notion of this argument but hear me out. If we are able to make specific space in our lives for fun, for enjoyment, for intentional inspiration, if you will, then we are able to make it a priority. If you are anything like me, usually work, homework, emails, blog writing takes precedent. But if I give myself specific days, times, or even special things to look forward to in finding inspiration, then I am able to not worry when I have to work or am lacking in luster.

2) Give yourself GRACE!
Allow yourself to miss those times of work and frivolity. Of course you want to make it the best effort to fulfill it (there would be no purpose in scheduling it) but what I have learned is that it is easy to get ourselves down about the fact that we didn’t do something. Instead we should see it, acknowledge it, move on and learn from it. Give yourself grace!

3) Don’t expect anything!
Inspiration can be found in adventures scheduled out in your day. But it can also be found in the depths of a brain storming session before writing. Inspiration can also be found at the highest points of the earth looking down at crashing oceans, but so can a closeness with God; where God just wants you to be instead of being inspired. Of course I’m pretty sure bosses/clients might expect your work from you, but it might not come as smoothly as you think. Don’t expect one story idea to stick, if it’s not flowing in the direction you intended, take it somewhere else. I currently have 3 book proposals, 42 blog drafts, and countless hidden pages on my blog that are still being processed, digested, and maybe might not even come to fruition. So don’t expect anything when attempting to tackle perspiration and inspiration all at once.

Just remember that these things can come in any form, from anywhere or anyone!

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