I Don’t Want to Adult


“I don’t want to adult.”

This common phrase is echoing through social media sphere on our rebellion to the  harsh realities of adulthood. Bills, working a job, finishing classes, dealing with cars, roommates and the beloved rush hour traffic. I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to adult.

The other day, this phrase got me thinking. I would never change this time in my life for anything else. Yes, there are bills to pay and hours to work. But I realized that becoming an adult isn’t as scary as we make it to be.

It would be great to go back to the times of mid-afternoon naps after snack time where we get to craft all day and sing silly songs. But my childhood was also filled with things of child-like proportions.

I would not go back to the times where gossip broke someones spirit. Or the times where I was a terrible friend to some people I loved. Where things that seemed important, became petty and useless. Where childish ambition, didn’t stretch far beyond the walls of school.

I have learned to be a better friend to the people around me. I have learned to tame my tongue and to stop gossip in it’s tracks. I learned where my identity comes from and why that matters. I learned that even nap times can happen as an adult, you just have to make time for them.

With all that in mind, I kind of “want to adult” because I would not go back to the immaturity that once was. Beyond the bills and the stresses of adulthood, I cherish the richer friendships I now have and the choice to choose for myself to be who I want to be.

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