Hit the Refresh Button

Hit the Refresh Button

My life is pretty chaotic. How do I know? It’s not my schedule, although that is busy. And it’s not the length of my to do list. It was the status of my email accounts. Cluttered and filled with chaos and ugliness.

I realized my life was inundated with all of this….well for lack of a better term, crap.

Thousands of emails get passed through my 5 email addresses…yes, 5 emails, on a weekly basis. Subscriptions to things that I didn’t need, want, or care about. I’m pretty sure I dinged their “open-rate” on a wide-scale (did you know they can track that stuff??).

I looked at my inbox and realized what a mess it was. So I started, day by day organizing my work email. And then my Gmail accounts. And then my Yahoo accounts. Once I started doing this, I realized it helped compartmentalize my life into tabs, folders and categories.

How much more can we do with our lives with tiny adjustments, tiny refreshes, to help us clean up our brains, our lives and help us not go crazy with this attack of information?

Without further ado, here is my top 5 ways to refresh your new year!

  • Organize your email!
    This one is pretty obvious from the comments above, but putting things in folders that should help you understand what you need and don’t need and it will help you find what you are looking for more efficiently.
  • Clean your apartment/home (bit by bit)
    This should be easy if you live in a fairly clean place, but when life gets busy things get pushed off to the side. Your junk drawer starts to overflow onto the counter and your Pibble (PBL-put back later) table is overflowing with chaos. By going one room at a time and deep cleaning, throwing away and cleaning out your place of rest can be truly refreshing.
  • Unsubscribe
    Oh this one is fun! I cannot tell you how many newsletters, email blasts, and things that I don’t want or care for fill up my mailbox and emails. I unsubscribe to that annoy magazine I get monthly. Scroll down to those hundreds of emails you get every day, click that “unsubscribe” button and get that junk out of your life.
  • Trello
    Oh Trello, how I love thee! Alright, this is my secret— lists. I thrive off of the ability to make lists. The brilliant idea of seeing everything you have to do in one organized and slightly indented place makes for a happy Paige. That is what Trello is. Trello is an app for smart phones that you can organize your lists for. I put recipes, grocery shopping, to do lists, cleaning lists, homework assignments, everything is on my Trello. Give your pen and paper a rest, save a tree and download trello today!
  • Make Goals
    Alright, we all like to make new year’s resolutions. I get it. Loose weight, make more money, do this, travel here. I think goals are a really harsh and honest look at your life. Identifying areas to improve. And then making a strategic plan to accomplish that. So make some goals, give your life some umph for the new year.

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