Road Tripped Photography

Flagstaff 2016


People say that Arizona is only desert. But boy, are they mistaken. Two hours north of Phoenix in the mountain side town of Flagstaff there are the beautiful colors that come with this time of year. Yellows, red, greens and golds shine off the pine and aspen trees.  With a lift to the top of the peak, wind chills and light sprinkles, we got a fair share of fall in Arizona.


Down in the lower lodge there is field of yellow aspen trees that practically glow sunshine. flagstaff-2016-2

There was a quaint chapel named the Chapel of the Holy Dove. Right off the free way up the road from the Snowbowl. This hidden gem of the Flagstaff forest has gorgeous views and a private seclusion that can only be found in nature. flagstaff-2016-1

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