Compassion International: Nicaragua


As I prepare my heart and my body (typhoid medication is rough!) I look at some of the information about where I’m going. When received my itinerary my heart leaped for joy. We really get to see the inner workings of the Compassion office in the host country, in this case Nicaragua. We get to play with the children, help serve them meals, visit some of the homes, go to some of the churches who are actively involved in facilitating the Compassion programs. We get to help with letter process and we get to tour the office in Nicaragua. All in 5 days!!! WOAH! (and there is so much more that will be happening).

Thank you so much for the people who are actively supporting me and praying for me on this trip. I know with my support child I get to write letters with, it brings me to tears every time I receive a letter from her and I can’t wait to see the inner workings of the armies of committed servants it takes to make sure that these children are released from poverty in Jesus’ name.

If you would care to support me, click here. And for more information about where I’m going and the state of Nicaragua in it’s entirety, read the amazing infographic below!



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