Well folks! Here we go.

I have been in Ireland now for 4 full days now and the craziness is just now sinking in. I have been hard at work in the cafe which is where I’ll be helping out most. I’m still learning but the staff here have been so affirming in how they’ve been teaching me. Never negative nor condemning as I am told to sweep the same spot until it is perfectly clean or told to put on my hair net for the millionth time!

Hopefully some of this stuff is creating in me a habit so by next week I will be completely capable and solid in the jobs I have been trained in. Mini-victories for myself have ranged from navigating foreign airports and transit systems to making myself my first cappuccino.

The days are full but go by so very quickly. I haven’t had much time to go out and see the city because a full days work mixed with jet lag has me wanting to put my feet up at the end of the day and then crash! (only to be awaken by the drunk lads shouting outside at 3 a.m. but that is a story for a different time)

In this ministry everyone I work with is just so real about how life is. No sugar coating or trying to over simplify how things go here. For example, I was told when I first arrived that I would be a little shell shocked by the use of cursing here, which remains true. I still am a little taken back when I hear a young person dropping the ‘f-bomb’ without even flinching to worry about who is around. It’s simply their culture. But the ministry itself is completely upfront about the realities of what go on and how things work. But it is done in such a loving way I already feel incredibly welcomed here.

Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to adjust; not just physically but also emotionally and spiritually. Pray that God gives me the boldness to step out of my comfort zone and strive for building relationships with these kids.

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You hear all of these drastic stories of people spending hours on end perfecting this self imposed picture. You hold the camera at the right angle so you don’t have 30 chins. You make sure you’re in the right sunlight so your nose’s shadow doesn’t catch half your face. And you do the fake smile so crows feet can never form.

I’m guilty of it. I think we almost all are….maybe not the hours on end part, but the addiction of getting that perfect photo is something that we have grown into and can’t shake. I think of the times

I take photos using my front camera with friends. And when I click the button and pull up the moment in time that I just captured….I look at myself. Was my smile ok? Were my eyes half closed? Probably. But I don’t look at the other person in the picture until they something self deprecating about it. “No. I don’t like that one. I look so ugly”

Then, and only then, I look at them. But, I never see the ugliness that they say they see. I see my friend. I see my beautiful friend. I see the guys and girls who I love with my whole heart. But, usually when the picture is perfectly posed…I can see their fake smile.

I can tell when a smile is genuine because I know them. I know when we laugh for hours on end and make jokes and embarrass ourselves. I see those smiles. Those are the most beautiful smiles, wrinkles and all.

Fake smiles and perfect lighting may make for a wrinkle and shadow free picture….but when I scroll through Instagram or Facebook and I see all of these “perfectly posed” pictures, I see these young people. For who they are. I see them for the wrinkles that form when we laugh and the 30 chins that instinctively form when funny faces are shot across the room.   That’s what makes a picture beautiful, the person in the picture!

So, I just want to say to all women out there, you’re more beautiful than the a picture could ever explain.

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As I sit down and go to write this, I am fighting back tears of joy. I am completely overwhelmed with this elated joy of the fact that I have the opportunity to go to the place of rolling green hills for the sake of Jesus.

Attached below I have given the whole support letter, just in case I haven’t gotten a hold of your personal address. But all the information below does not share my true heart for what I’ve been called to do. I don’t think any words will be able to share my true heart and passion, but I will try. So here we go:

Ever since I decided that I wanted to spend the rest of my life overseas doing full time work in ministry, I have been wanting and praying for the Lord to reveal to me the where within all of this. I don’t know if it was because I went to a school where our band wore kilts and bagpipes could be heard on the daily, or if it is because I am truly enamored by this culture, but Ireland has a certain pull on my heart that is indescribable, much like the love of our God.

No, I have never been to this country. No, it’s not particularly the first place you think of when you think of Christians going overseas. But it doesn’t mean, that there isn’t a need and a hunger and a thirst for the Gospel.

Over the years, I have spent many hours praying over this country, for these people. And now I will be able to go and serve them first hand. It is only for 6 weeks, but I am hoping and praying that God opens doors for me through this opportunity and reveals a more permanent place for me in this world.

My heart is captivated by this chance I am getting and I pray that you will come alongside me to support me financially, and through prayer on this journey.

Please take a moment to share this with your friends, read the letter and spend sometime in prayer with the Lord on potentially supporting me financially through this process. I am grateful for this opportunity and the support system that the Lord has given me to help send me.

“Some will go, some will stay. But all are called”

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Although I am plenty sure that there is much more that I will learn to embrace as I grow older (and farther into my 20s) but in the two years of my 20s I have learned the fine art of embracing various aspects of my life and you should too!


I remember all of middle school and high school was fighting this urge to be awkward. The awkward braces, acne and unknowing personal identity. I’m not talking about that awkward. I ‘m talking about the bumbling clumsy word-clashing awkward that comes with life. It might just be me and self proclaiming awkwardness; but to all of the guys and gals who find themselves making terrible jokes that don’t make any sense, tripping over flat ground and dancing in the hallways to the music in your headphones, then slowly realizing that no one else can hear it. Embrace it.

Laughing obnoxiously

I’ve spent many years trying to make sure that I have the perfect, most lady like laugh that is publicly acceptable for everyone’s ears. But then I found friend’s who made me laugh so hard that my self-consciousness went out the window. Then came wheezing, hearty guffaws, and snorts that sounded like I came off of a farm. Then it turned to the, “Who is going to care” to the “I don’t care”. I laugh as hard, as loud and as much as I want and so should you! Finding those friends who truly make you “LOL” are so valuable and are hard to find.


As much as I hate writing essays, and deadlines and turning in poor quality work that I procrastinated on, school is a fact of life. But I’m not talking just about how you need to love learning. However, embrace it. Embrace the fact that you will always be learning, you will always be growing, you will always be evolving and absorbing new things in your life. So might as well accept it now and know that it’s okay to get frustrated with homework and text books, but take advantage of those who want to poor their knowledge into you.

A Decent Bedtime

I have just recently learned the fine art of getting enough sleep. What happens when a hearty 8 hours of sleep is taken full advantage of. Having more time to sleep makes you more productive during the day, and overall happier. Once you are able to get on a regular schedule you will see how drastically it will change your days.

Getting up early

Have you ever needed to get up unusually early? I’m talking about 6am here, to all you college kids. Your day seems to go on and on and on, but you get SO MUCH DONE! You feel so much more productive and you have the time to get important things accomplished before 10am. If you start with little adjustments, 30 minutes at a time, before you know it your internal clock will help you embrace this new schedule.


This is a scary one. From a very young age we crave our independence. We want some kind of freedom from those around us. When we embrace our independence, it is more than people not having control over you, it is you being able to control yourself. All in all God is in control. But the beauty of His grace is that we have freedom from the things that may hold us back from completely serving Him. Whatever is holding us back, whether it be unhealthy relationships or all consuming addictions, we need to know that we are able to have independence from that which is a unhealthy crutch.


THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE! I love to travel. Here’s the thing, you learn so much about yourself as a person when you travel. You learn what quirks you have, what annoys you, and what you need (for me it is coffee). It is one of the most therapeutic aspects of life in my opinion. Even if it is a couple hours out of town, or an excursion cross country, travel spurs inspiration; and inspiration is what gives us a heart beat. Travel doesn’t have to be a big expensive thing. But it is a big part of life that is a joy to embrace. 

A Hobby

Hobbies are important. It is making sure that you have time for yourself. Something that brings you joy and happiness that you can always turn to no matter what! That is what a hobby does for you. It gives you something that will never fail. Whether it is something to blow off steam, like working out….or if it is painting a mural for the sake of nothing, embracing something you love will give you a healthy outlet to lean on.

Saying “No”

This is one that I even have a hard time with. Saying “No” could be one of the scariest things that could possibly happen. But there is a responsibility that comes with it. When you say no, you are able to make more appropriate decisions and putting your 100% into one thing that you do, rather than 30% into a bunch of different things. Just say no applies to more things than drugs. Embracing the word NO gives you freedom and control all at the same time, but it is also more respectful to those around you. Give your all in everything you do, and know saying “no” is okay.


This is the big one. EMBRACE CHANGE. Life changes. It always does. We have our patterns and we have our regular days, but things change. Just like the seasons life changes. So we can fight it and resist, but we could also just let it happen and roll with change as it comes along.

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At a traditional Jewish wedding, after the vows are said and rings are exchanged, the groom is handed a piece of glass (usually a wine glass) wrapped in a cloth and he sets it on the floor and steps on it, shattering the contents into hundreds of pieces. The whole idea behind this tradition is not being able to undo what has been done.

Sometimes we feel like that shattered glass. We feel broken into hundreds of pieces that are scattered and near impossible to put back together. These pieces are broken. Stepped on. Smashed. Ugly. Our past breaks us. Our current situation maybe chipping away at us making those shards of glass even more fragmented.

We feel completely broken and unable to be put back together. Whether it was something we did years ago, or something we did an hour ago. Life breaks us down. Sin chips away at us. Shattering us into millions of pieces. Sin tricks us into thinking that these pieces can never be put back together.

But then, God.

God takes these broken pieces shattered into disarray and puts them back together in beautiful ways.

Japanese culture has an art form that is called Kintsugi. It’s the art of fixing broken things, such as pottery, with a gold lacquer. The shattered pieces are put together bound by a golden glue to make that once which is broken, whole again. This process is from this idea that instead of making a broken piece of pottery back to its original form; it is transformed into something that is more beautiful than the piece to begin with. This golden lacquer shows this history of the piece, no longer one of brokenness, but one of its identity through recreation.

That is the message of the Gospel my friends!

This is what God does with our spirits. We are broken down by the things of this world. Crushed. God picks up all of the pieces puts them back together. Not in a way where we don’t see the brokenness, but a way where He is glorified through it.

Isn’t that the point of our testimonies? So that we may acknowledge our brokenness, but show the cracks with the golden glue that is God. The message of the Gospel is acknowledging that we are broken but made whole again through God.

Our brokenness is not erased, but it is put back together to make us whole again. The shattered pieces of our lives cannot be simply stuck back together and hidden by the “dry clear” Elmer’s Glue. We are  put back together, but only because God can make something beautiful out of something ugly.

Our restoration comes from God and the truth of His salvation in our lives, and it is no longer shattered, but one of a radiant sheen.

Psalm 51:12 “Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.”

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