I hope you’re reading this….or at least you passed it on to someone who you know sponsors a child.
The beautiful art form of letter writing is one that got lost to the digital age. However while the Rest of the world sped forward in the fast lane towards digital communication, texting, IMing, email, Facebook, and all of the above, the written word got left behind. Now don’t get me started on my love for physical books, that’s a whole other story, but there’s also my love for handwritten letters. When I get a letter addressed to me it feel a twinge of excitement filling my heart that someone took the time to write my name. Just that. Just my name. That’s special enough for me.
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My life is pretty chaotic. How do I know? It’s not my schedule, although that is busy. And it’s not the length of my to do list. It was the status of my email accounts. Cluttered and filled with chaos and ugliness.

I realized my life was inundated with all of this….well for lack of a better term, crap.

Thousands of emails get passed through my 5 email addresses…yes, 5 emails, on a weekly basis. Subscriptions to things that I didn’t need, want, or care about. I’m pretty sure I dinged their “open-rate” on a wide-scale (did you know they can track that stuff??).

I looked at my inbox and realized what a mess it was. So I started, day by day organizing my work email. And then my Gmail accounts. And then my Yahoo accounts. Once I started doing this, I realized it helped compartmentalize my life into tabs, folders and categories.

How much more can we do with our lives with tiny adjustments, tiny refreshes, to help us clean up our brains, our lives and help us not go crazy with this attack of information?

Without further ado, here is my top 5 ways to refresh your new year!

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Can you hear that? No? Neither can I. The whispers of life outside my window tease me to what I can be missing out on. The clacks of flip flops on the pavement tell stories of running late for church and rushed walking to the coffee shop.

The silence is almost haunting, but yet so beautifully peaceful. The only clicks and clacks from my little apartment are the sounds of my coffee pot, turning on and reheating the freshly aromatic drink that greets my lips every morning.

I sit here in utter peace about life, not in a rush to get from A to B. Not distracted by the glaring messages on my phone or by the hum of a television (we actually don’t have one of those). But instead, I am immersed by the words of a fellow writer, filling up the pages with black ink and experiences. I drink sips of my coffee whilst balancing it on my knee trying not to spill as I highlight the words that speak to me most out of the book. I look at the clock with time to spare before I need to push the start button on my day.

When’s the last time you had a morning like this?

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When traveling abroad I look at the beauty. I look at the ancient buildings. I look at the stories that echo off the walls of the ancient structures. Sitting watching people pass by I realized. It’s not the location. It’s not the buildings. It’s not the food. It’s the people. It’s the people that make places so enticing.

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When I say God changes plans last minute. I mean very last minute.  I mean already being packed and ready to head back to the states and God decides to throw me a curve ball and tell me that I am staying in Ireland another 5 weeks. Yup. You read that right!

I am staying in Ireland until the end of July. The only reason it is until then, is because I have to move back into school a week later! Can you say, “Hello, jet lag?”

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At a traditional Jewish wedding, after the vows are said and rings are exchanged, the groom is handed a piece of glass (usually a wine glass) wrapped in a cloth and he sets it on the floor and steps on it, shattering the contents into hundreds of pieces. The whole idea behind this tradition is not being able to undo what has been done.

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