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People say that Arizona is only desert. But boy, are they mistaken. Two hours north of Phoenix in the mountain side town of Flagstaff there are the beautiful colors that come with this time of year. Yellows, red, greens and golds shine off the pine and aspen trees.  With a lift to the top of the peak, wind chills and light sprinkles, we got a fair share of fall in Arizona.

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On Mother’s Day, my Instagram and Facebook feed was inundated with cutesy pictures of mother’s with their children with a sentimental message offering up their public declarative words as compensation for the sacrifices all mothers make for the sake of motherhood. The whole day as I scrolled, one after the other it was another picture, another statement. I would like to make a rough estimate that 85% of my feed was dedicated to this day.

Now, fast forward to Father’s Day. I spent the same amount of time online as I usually do. Casually scrolling through the mundane. But I noticed something striking. There was a significant drop in the volume of posts about a beloved father. I’d say on this particular Sunday about 10% of my somewhat narrow network posted something about their fathers.

Maybe they spent that day with their fathers and just didn’t post about it? You mean the generation that loves to share every detail of our lives in intimate detail on not-intimate platforms. I doubt it. But sure you can make that argument.

But I rather would attribute it to the declined presentation of dads in families. I hope that the bell curve is on the up and up. This drastic difference tore my broken heart a little bit more on this dreaded day for some. How those who are single sometimes dread Valentine’s day a “hallmark holiday”, sometimes that’s how it feels for the other side. The others who grew up fatherless. A hallmark holiday, one of appreciation for a certain audience- nonetheless, but a made up holiday that ones who do not fit in the mold of having the luxury of having a dad, dread.

I would love to see the day where this holiday is no longer dreaded by so many and that people would love to brag about their parents equally and loudly. I would love to see the day where even divorced parents didn’t necessarily create a hero and a villain. But even in the midst of broken covenants, severed relationships with children are a part of the equation.

“For me, a father was nothing more than a character in a fairy tale. I know fathers are not like dragons because fathers actually exist. I have seen them on television and sliding their arms around their wives in grocery stores, and I have seen them in the malls and in the coffee shops, but these were characters in other people’s stories. The sad thing is, as a kid, I wondered why I couldn’t have a dragon, but I never wondered why I didn’t have a father.”-Donald Miller, Father Fiction
My dream is that this beautiful concept will no longer be fiction.
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Road Tripped Photography

The pink and orange glowing waves of Antelope Canyon attract tourists and local ‘zonans alike to be able to see the glories of nature. Horseshoe Bend is a vertigo inducing thrill of a journey. Creeping up towards the edge to see how far this drop falls isn’t limited by any guardrail or fence. Proceed at your own risk.


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A day with wonderful women, kind spirits and lots of adventure! We may be a small group of interns but we are mighty….I can’t wait to see what changes this group of ladies makes in this world.

“I was an adventurer, but she was not an adventuress. She was a ‘wanderess.’ Thus, she didn’t care about money, only experiences – whether they came from wealth or from poverty, it was all the same to her.” -Roman Payne

Compassion Interns_Garden_of_The_Gods_8

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I hope you’re reading this….or at least you passed it on to someone who you know sponsors a child.
The beautiful art form of letter writing is one that got lost to the digital age. However while the Rest of the world sped forward in the fast lane towards digital communication, texting, IMing, email, Facebook, and all of the above, the written word got left behind. Now don’t get me started on my love for physical books, that’s a whole other story, but there’s also my love for handwritten letters. When I get a letter addressed to me it feel a twinge of excitement filling my heart that someone took the time to write my name. Just that. Just my name. That’s special enough for me.
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As I prepare my heart and my body (typhoid medication is rough!) I look at some of the information about where I’m going. When received my itinerary my heart leaped for joy. We really get to see the inner workings of the Compassion office in the host country, in this case Nicaragua. We get to play with the children, help serve them meals, visit some of the homes, go to some of the churches who are actively involved in facilitating the Compassion programs. We get to help with letter process and we get to tour the office in Nicaragua. All in 5 days!!! WOAH! (and there is so much more that will be happening).

Thank you so much for the people who are actively supporting me and praying for me on this trip. I know with my support child I get to write letters with, it brings me to tears every time I receive a letter from her and I can’t wait to see the inner workings of the armies of committed servants it takes to make sure that these children are released from poverty in Jesus’ name.

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It’s officially been a week since I walked across the stage and they said my name. I walked forward, shook the hand of the provost and took my diploma on the road down for the rest of my life.

Graduation! It’s a happy joyous time filled with fun new exciting adventures and full time careers.

But let me tell you a secret that NO ONE tells you about graduating. There is anxiety about needing to get homework done. In talking with friends and family if I’m just weird or if they experience it too, I found out that to some degree, they all experience some kind of discomfort in finishing out a season of life that has been purely work based.

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Road Tripped Photography

It’s a very merry Christmas in the Ferrari world. Lots of beautiful decorations and a special time for all for us to come together and drink eggnog (I LOVE eggnog). We decked the halls and dressed the tree. We set up the polar express and watched it on the big screen. Christmas is in full effect. Merry Christmas to everyone!

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