10 Things Every 20-somethings Need to Embrace


Although I am plenty sure that there is much more that I will learn to embrace as I grow older (and farther into my 20s) but in the two years of my 20s I have learned the fine art of embracing various aspects of my life and you should too!


I remember all of middle school and high school was fighting this urge to be awkward. The awkward braces, acne and unknowing personal identity. I’m not talking about that awkward. I ‘m talking about the bumbling clumsy word-clashing awkward that comes with life. It might just be me and self proclaiming awkwardness; but to all of the guys and gals who find themselves making terrible jokes that don’t make any sense, tripping over flat ground and dancing in the hallways to the music in your headphones, then slowly realizing that no one else can hear it. Embrace it.

Laughing obnoxiously

I’ve spent many years trying to make sure that I have the perfect, most lady like laugh that is publicly acceptable for everyone’s ears. But then I found friend’s who made me laugh so hard that my self-consciousness went out the window. Then came wheezing, hearty guffaws, and snorts that sounded like I came off of a farm. Then it turned to the, “Who is going to care” to the “I don’t care”. I laugh as hard, as loud and as much as I want and so should you! Finding those friends who truly make you “LOL” are so valuable and are hard to find.


As much as I hate writing essays, and deadlines and turning in poor quality work that I procrastinated on, school is a fact of life. But I’m not talking just about how you need to love learning. However, embrace it. Embrace the fact that you will always be learning, you will always be growing, you will always be evolving and absorbing new things in your life. So might as well accept it now and know that it’s okay to get frustrated with homework and text books, but take advantage of those who want to poor their knowledge into you.

A Decent Bedtime

I have just recently learned the fine art of getting enough sleep. What happens when a hearty 8 hours of sleep is taken full advantage of. Having more time to sleep makes you more productive during the day, and overall happier. Once you are able to get on a regular schedule you will see how drastically it will change your days.

Getting up early

Have you ever needed to get up unusually early? I’m talking about 6am here, to all you college kids. Your day seems to go on and on and on, but you get SO MUCH DONE! You feel so much more productive and you have the time to get important things accomplished before 10am. If you start with little adjustments, 30 minutes at a time, before you know it your internal clock will help you embrace this new schedule.


This is a scary one. From a very young age we crave our independence. We want some kind of freedom from those around us. When we embrace our independence, it is more than people not having control over you, it is you being able to control yourself. All in all God is in control. But the beauty of His grace is that we have freedom from the things that may hold us back from completely serving Him. Whatever is holding us back, whether it be unhealthy relationships or all consuming addictions, we need to know that we are able to have independence from that which is a unhealthy crutch.


THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE! I love to travel. Here’s the thing, you learn so much about yourself as a person when you travel. You learn what quirks you have, what annoys you, and what you need (for me it is coffee). It is one of the most therapeutic aspects of life in my opinion. Even if it is a couple hours out of town, or an excursion cross country, travel spurs inspiration; and inspiration is what gives us a heart beat. Travel doesn’t have to be a big expensive thing. But it is a big part of life that is a joy to embrace. 

A Hobby

Hobbies are important. It is making sure that you have time for yourself. Something that brings you joy and happiness that you can always turn to no matter what! That is what a hobby does for you. It gives you something that will never fail. Whether it is something to blow off steam, like working out….or if it is painting a mural for the sake of nothing, embracing something you love will give you a healthy outlet to lean on.

Saying “No”

This is one that I even have a hard time with. Saying “No” could be one of the scariest things that could possibly happen. But there is a responsibility that comes with it. When you say no, you are able to make more appropriate decisions and putting your 100% into one thing that you do, rather than 30% into a bunch of different things. Just say no applies to more things than drugs. Embracing the word NO gives you freedom and control all at the same time, but it is also more respectful to those around you. Give your all in everything you do, and know saying “no” is okay.


This is the big one. EMBRACE CHANGE. Life changes. It always does. We have our patterns and we have our regular days, but things change. Just like the seasons life changes. So we can fight it and resist, but we could also just let it happen and roll with change as it comes along.

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